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The Top Business Trends For 2021

The Top Business Trends For 2021

Another year has been and gone and what a whirlwind 2020 was. We’ve said goodbye to the 2010s and we’re now entering a new decade, the 20s. Although they may be slightly less roaring than the 1920s, we still think there’s plenty of opportunities coming our way and hopefully your way too! So that’s why we’ve rounded up the top business trends for 2021 and compiled them in this nifty blog that you can keep coming back to.

1. Re configure your workspace

With some of us having worked from home for the past 10 months, is this the new norm? Business owners will be saving money on rent and bills and employees can save money on fuel and enjoy a longer stint in bed. Like many things in this world, it has its pros and cons. The key takeaway here is that there needs to be balance. Employers should allow their workforce to act freely and adopt a new work life balance. They should have the opportunity to choose whether they want to work 5 days in the office, 5 days at home or split your time between the two. We suggest finding the right balance for you and your team. You may want to think if you still need your office, or if hiring as space as and when you need it is more beneficial. 

2. Storing your data

We live in a growing digital world. Technology will continue to accelerate and see countless breakthroughs. We all produce data, manage it and consume it. If you watch TV shows and movies on your smartphone, you still count! As more and more people have access to the internet, the rate at which we use the digital platforms is set to skyrocket over the next 3 to 4 years. It’s predicted that 75 percent of the world’s population will interact with data every day by 2024.

Moving forward, businesses need to consider how they store and access their data. Not just from a privacy and security aspect, but how they interpret that data. A smart business decision would be to carefully and properly analyse the data available to you and use this when making business decisions. This could include a full remodel of your business and could even come into play when targeting your customers. 

3. Make Room For Change

We’ve seen how easy it is for businesses to adapt so easily to change. It’s about identifying your skill set and realising what you can offer your customers, even if it sits outside of your usual products and services. If we take a look at what some companies did throughout the pandemic, it’s pretty inspiring. Be aware of how you can move with the times and not get stuck in the past and get left behind.

4. Automation

In a year where we’ve seen companies file for administration and leave our high streets and our hearts. It’s fair to say that everyone is looking to cut costs. People will be tightening their belts over the coming months and will be saving every penny they can. With this in mind, businesses might need to pay close attention to their processes and procedures. The modern era focuses a lot of its energy on time and money. As we just mentioned in key trend number 2, technology is a powerhouse and we’ve already seen the effects it has on the workplace. Particularly in warehouses and factories, we’ve seen robots take control of jobs that used to require humans to do. But due to the speed at which a robot can work, not to mention the wages that won’t be forked out, businesses are considering this is a viable option. 

5. Customer Service

Again, staying firmly in the world of technology. Businesses may need to take the plunge into adopting new ways to surprise and delight their customers. As we’ve spent more and more time away from physical retail premises, businesses have had to get creative and devise new ways to give their customers that wow factor. Technology allows businesses to use aviators, AI and VR to offer simulations to users. Such as trying on clothes and makeup without actually touching or seeing a product. It allows the customers to explore and discover what’s available to them without actually leaving their home and before committing to a purchase. 

6. Set your company goals

A company with no clear vision or mission will get left behind. A new wave of talent is coming, and these young workers want to work for a company that believes in their brand and the products and services they offer. Businesses need to be clear and concise, honest and transparent. By laying all your cards on the table, from your suppliers and materials, can all help you to be a better business. It’s expected that companies publish their wins, from an environmental perspective of social one. People like to see change for the better.

7. Sustainability

It’ll come as no surprise that the environmental crisis is very real and change needs to happen globally. Companies across the globe are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Making small changes such as recycling, adopting a cycle to work scheme and using energy saving light bulbs, are all small changes that you can implement. You can read more about sustainability in our blog post on how to make your business more environmentally friendly here.

8. Social Engagement

It’s common knowledge that using social media is a necessity for most and if not all businesses. These digital platforms allow businesses make their presence in the online realm and establish themselves whatever their business may be. You’ll find that it’s the easiest way to get free publicity and advertising. You have total control and can speak to your customer base and potential clients in a friendly and timely manner. Honing in on this, it’s clear that customers want brands to be more open and honest with them. They don’t want companies to hide behind the words of its social media or marketing teams. They want real information and a real look at how businesses operate, this can be done from behind the scenes videos and imagery along with how to’s.

9. Support Your Staff

We would go as far to say that this should be the most important key trend that we’ll be talking about in this blog.

We’re all very much aware of how important mental health and wellbeing is. In a year where we’ve had relatively little to no person to person contact, peoples mental health could be compromised. Employees don’t want to and shouldn’t have to experience burnout, but should be appreciated and applauded for any exceptional work that they contribute to and produce.

Much like customer retention, businesses want to  keep a hold of their most valuable employers and avoid a high turnover of staff. Company leaders should enforce a good work life balance and promote employees to take regular breaks and step away from their work to ensure they’re not being consumed by their workload. 

To prevent mental health problems, we should be educating senior members of staff and management teams, so that work forces feel fulfilled. Every human being likes to be praised. Many people strive for a career that isn’t separate from their personal life but can benefit it. People are under the impression and idea that they  should be working all the time, and if they’re not, then they feel guilty for feeling this way.

As an employer you should be preventing this in the workplace. Be human and communicate with your staff in both a personal and professional capacity. Let them know that you’re available to talk things through and offer support should they need it. Every employee wants to feel valued. 

How Ampios Can Help Your Business In 2021

At Ampios we know people. We have a great and we pride ourselves on our ability to nurture our client and employee relationships. We host a team of varied experts that have worked in the business sector for multiple years. We’ve got HR experts to finance wizzes. If you’re feeling a bit jaded and need some clear direction for the year ahead, we can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and rework them into a business model that suits you.

Perhaps after reading this blog, you’ve already pinpointed some areas that you’d like to improve but just need a little bit of help in doing so. That’s where we come in. If you’d like to speak to us, contact us now for a free consultation. You can contact us via this webform or give us a call on + T: +44 (0)333 987 4672. 

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