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I need help with my business but who can I ask?

Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Adviser or NED? It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how long you’ve been in business, you can’t know everything. Sometimes, you just need a bit…

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Breach of Covenant: Funding Problems for Businesses

  If your business suffers a funding problem, there is a possibility that it may cause you to breach a financial covenant. What happens if you do and how can…

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Workplace Risk Assessment

Workplace Risk Assessment: How to Get Back to Work Safely

As much of the country eases its way back to work after a gradual relaxation of lockdown, conducting a workplace risk assessment will be crucial. The Health and Safety Executive…

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Strategic Planning – a future orientated perspective for your business

The journey forward for any entrepreneurial company begins with a shared vision between the owners of what the future looks like. Many businesses plan with reference to the past e.g.…

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