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Don’t deny facts – use them instead

If I was sat in the Prime Minister’s chair (I was, briefly), I’d start with the facts to help me with making decisions, and so, policy. There’s been a regrettable…

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Inflation impact on SMEs

Inflation in the UK is now at its highest for 40 years. While a lot of media commentary has been on the cost-of-living increase for UK consumers – the Consumer…

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Euro at Parity with US Dollar – why should we in the UK care?

An ever-strengthening U.S. dollar has achieved parity with the Euro. This is the first time the US dollar has reached parity since the Euro was in its infancy over 20…

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Getting The Most Out Of Your Banking Relationship

Getting the most out of your banking relationship

Every business has a bank account. Most businesses will also have a relationship manager who managing the bank’s relation with your business. Small businesses may not have a named relationship…

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Financing Issues For Businesses & The Impact Of The Bank’s Reaction

Financing Issues for Small To Medium Sized Businesses

Financing Issues In other words, the risk of running out of cash in your business. This can be caused by a range of factors: Poor financial forecasting Ignoring mid-month overdraft…

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Government Support For Business

Government Support for Business

We are all well aware that Government, in all its guises, is a major creditor of any business (National Insurance Contributions, VAT, Corporation Tax & Business Rates). However, on the…

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