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Money alone is not likely to be the answer to the needs of a business. However, all businesses need money, and growing businesses will likely need additional funding to implement plans for a growth strategy. This may be for additional premises, new products or services, more staff, international expansion or other reasons. Many try to fund growth out of existing income, which can starve the business of working capital, while only allowing for weak growth: the worst of both worlds.

Dedicated growth finance can help you take advantage of new opportunities to deliver your strategic vision but it will need to be accompanied by a robust strategy and business plan. Confidence forms a big part of funders’ decisions, particularly in the management team: a good outline proposal will not be supported if the team seeking to implement it does not inspire confidence in its ability to deliver.

Ampios will help you to identify suitable funders for your sector and to construct, using insight, compelling plans for the right funding, aligned to your wider strategy.

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