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Our client is a family business, which provides well drilling services to farmers and private customers in rural areas, nationwide. Low margins and a desire to plan for succession led to the need for a new strategy to reposition for growth.

The Issue

By tradition, the business was dealing mainly with private customers, although there was also a range of commercial customers, such as councils and agri businesses. What markets should the business look at in order to accelerate growth? How to improve efficiency and productivity?

The Outcome

Ampios conducted an in-depth insight survey with a selected sample group of customers in order to identify the key drivers behind the services bought by our client’s customers.

This allowed a re-branding, backed by an in-house marketing process, and the targeting of new customers’ groups for whom water consumption was a high cost factor; due to quantity used and applicable commercial water rates. Our client was able to enter new markets such as hospitals, hotels and food processors, for whom the payback for drilling was an incentive.

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