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How Well Are You Managing Your Cashflow?

Unsure about how well you are managing your cashflow? We are here to help you identify and overcome cashflow problems within your business. Cash is like water. They can both…

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Tough Times In Business

Tough Times in Business

Businesses are facing tough times in light of Covid-19 and a deep recession. Some businesses will struggle and be beaten but if you’re a fighter, you can overcome these tough…

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I need help with my business but who can I ask?

Consultant, Coach, Mentor, Adviser or NED? It doesn’t matter how experienced you are or how long you’ve been in business, you can’t know everything. Sometimes, you just need a bit…

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Breach of Covenant: Funding Problems for Businesses

  If your business suffers a funding problem, there is a possibility that it may cause you to breach a financial covenant. What happens if you do and how can…

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Workplace Risk Assessment

Workplace Risk Assessment: How to Get Back to Work Safely

As much of the country eases its way back to work after a gradual relaxation of lockdown, conducting a workplace risk assessment will be crucial. The Health and Safety Executive…

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Strategic Planning – a future orientated perspective for your business

The journey forward for any entrepreneurial company begins with a shared vision between the owners of what the future looks like. Many businesses plan with reference to the past e.g.…

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