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Shared Services Forum UK Leaders Event

Executives of leading companies gathered from all over the UK to hear John Boydell, director and chairman of Ampios, deliver a keynote speech on BREXIT at the recently held Shared Services Forum UK Leaders event. The SSF UK is a national, not-for-profit membership organisation, ran by its members, which supports and inspires leaders and teams of leading companies through knowledge sharing, thought leadership and benchmarking. The event was held at the Concord Conference Centre at Manchester Airport and after the talk, members were taken on a tour of Concord itself.

John, who delivered the wide ranging keynote talk with colleague Stephen Gregson, corporate finance director at MHA Moore & Smalley, looked afresh at many economic truths, the view on BREXIT and how Scenario Planning is a valuable exercise that can help businesses mitigate risk even in times of ‘unknown unknowns’.

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